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Pcie slots bottlenecking mining? /r/Bitcoin

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Wholesale 006C PCIe PCI-E PCI Express Riser Card 1x to 16x USB 3.0 Cable Adapter SATA to 4Pin IDE Molex 6 pin for Bitcoin Mining

we wholesale PCIe risers card for Miner Bitcoin ETH BTC. hope hear from you.
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Cointerra announces new $400GH/s PCIe Bitcoin mining card (scheduled for June 2014)

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CoinTerra Announce the The GSX I™ – PCIe Bitcoin Mining Card

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CoinTerra unveils GSX I PCIe bitcoin mining card for PCs

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CoinTerra to Release GSX I Water-Cooled PCIe Bitcoin Mining Card

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Powered PCIe Riser Cable 1x to 16x ExtraLong w/ molex is for sale on for Bitcoin and Litecoin

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Powered PCIe Riser Cable 1x to 16x Standard Length with molex is for sale on for Bitcoin and Litecoin

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Powered PCIe Riser Cable 16x to 16x Extra Long with Molex is for sale on for Bitcoin and Litecoin

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Lot of 2 Powered PCIe Riser Cable 1x to 16x w/ molex is for sale on for Bitcoin and Litecoin

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Bitcoin Mining: Difference between Pcie 3.0 vs Pcie 2.0

I heard there is a 30% transcoding difference between pcie 2 and 3, but would it justify the cost difference of the mobos? Mobo : Sabertooth 990FX, $79.99 Cpu: FX8120, 179.99 Psu: COOLER MASTER Silent Pro Gold 1200W, 219.99 gpu: 3x 7970s Generic, HDD, Ram, Case
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GSX I 400Gh/s, ASIC PCIe card for Bitcoin mining $1,599 (Ships in June)

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Gpu no signal

I shipped my gaming pc from France to my home country. The pc was damaged and didn’t get any refund ( that’s not the point). The case was bent so hard that the gpu got yanked out of the pcie slot. I decided to see what is salvageable and what should i order. Turns out all the parts are woking find BUT there is no output when i insert the gpu into the pcie slot. 1- i have a wifi card, i inserted it in the slot and it didn’t work, so the pcie slot must be broken. 2- i have another pcie slot but it’s x3 , the wifi card worked in that one but the gpu didn’t work (by work i mean no display) 3- i went to bios and set output to mobo, the. I inserted the gpu and i was able to downoad the driver (usually if the gpu isn’t detected the driver won’t install). I went to task manager and i found the gpu. 4- the only way to see if the gpu is working, i started mining bitcoin (so that i can “work it” without plugin a display). The mining software did detect the gpu and it did mine perfectly.
So what could be the problem?!
If the pcie x16 was broken, the gpu wouldn’t work and be detected, and if the gpu is dead, it wouldn’t at all. My friend told me that the hdmi part on the gpu could be damaged but what are the odds?!
Note: before part 3, when i insert the gpu in the slot, I don’t get display neither from gpu nor the mobo.
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ELI5 CNC Parts (Computer/Digital?)

I have access to a 6'x10' gantry CNC with a 4.5kW spindle and I'm totally lost on the parts of a CNC machine/I have a super shallow knowledge base about machine in general. My totally wrong look on CNC parts with circuit boards:
- Why can't i get a PC with the latest most powerful CPU to control the whole machine? Why do i need 4 big thingies (drivers) to control how the machine move in xyz, what are drivers and why are they so big that they need to be installed on a big pcb and have their own air cooling(i guess the big pcb includes the CNC's main control panel too)?
- What's the advantage of a stand alone control panel with it's own OS for a CNC machine? How is it better than a pc that can install any program to control the machine and update frequently?
- Are the controls of a CNC machine very complex? Why dont they make 'add-ons' that can be inserted into pcie slot of a pc and make use of its cpu's processing power that's much more powerful and cheaper than specialized pcb? I know specialized pcb/processors are made to run more efficiently/faster on specific tasks, but are CNC operations as complex as bitcoin mining or server os that need their own pcb?
-I heard some horror story that CNC machine's that uses a pc as control panel could get nasty viruses and brick the whole mechanical thing and it's other digital parts, which doesn't make much sense, i could just get a new pc n plug in with newly installed control software and the mechanical parts should work. Is there truth to it?
- I guess my general feeling is that PC parts are much more accessible and cheaper
Thanks in advance for any answer and your patience for reading my stupid questions!
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Help with Jagged Edges and Shimmering on 2080Ti

Hey y'all! So I've been having a bit of an issue with my PC. Throughout windows it seems as though there isn't any anti-aliasing happening. The lines look jagged and sometimes I get these texture waves/shimmer. I've tried so many things.
-reinstalling drivers
-messing with nvidia control panel
-replaced displayport cables/switch to HDMI
-messing with monitor settings (2x VG27AQ)
-reinstalled windows 10 pro
-reseated the graphics card
-display settings in windows
I had a bitcoin mining virus that I dealt with and removed with malwarebytes.
I also had a instance where I case swapped my pc and when removing the graphics card the plastic pcie clip that locks the card came off with it. I was able to put it back on as well as reseating the card with out it and it made no difference.
So I'm a bit at a loss. The aliasing is especially noticeable when viewing HD/4K videos in a small windows instead of in full screen.
Games seem to be running fine and anti-aliasing works on Warzone for example.
Overall the Windows UI seems jagged and not as sharp as I remember.
Here's a screenshot:
Full Specs:
Ryzen 9 3900x
EVGA 2080Ti FTW3 Ultra
32GB G.Skill Trident Z 3200mhz
750W Corsair PSU
Samsung Evo Plus 970 1TB
Infinnet DP Cables
2x VG27AQ 165hz monitors
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Am I understanding this technology right?

So I first heard about FPGAs from Linus Tech Tips. I've been doing some research and I still don't fully understand how these things work. The way I figure it right now is you program whatever instruction set you want into it and then it runs code for that instruction set. Is this correct?
I've seen posts about people using them for gaming and even bitcoin mining. Makes sense for mining, I guess kinda like a virtual ASIC. How does it work with gaming though? Virtual GPU? Virtual CPU cores perhaps?
My main interest in them is simulations development. I got simulations that take a long time to compute. Can I just take one of these, stick it in a PCIe slot, create a custom instruction set for my purposes, and then run bytecode on it? If so, how much faster should I expect it to run compared to running equivalent C++ code on a plain ol' CPU? Assuming an average-quality instruction set considering I'd clearly be a noob at this.
Thanks for reading!
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[W][US-TX] 4U rosewill chassis

I am looking for a 4U rosewill chassis for my desktop computer. Most rosewills offerings will work for my needs with the exception of the L4000C Bitcoin mining rig which doesn't have pcie lanes on the back. Id prefer one of the long variants. Open to other brands as well. Local is Austin or Houston.
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3D Printed Housing for External Vive Wireless Card

Sorry I am not providing details as I want to get this info out quickly. I will respond with info if anyone shows interest, though I might be slow.
I'm not sure if anyone remembers the talk about extending the range of their Vive wireless setups. Basically, you can get a PCIe extender (built for bitcoin mining rigs I believe), and use USB 3 to move your Vive Wireless WiGig card 35 ft (CORRECTION: 20ft) to your computer. I have found that it works great for me.
But you end up with this exposed computer board just sitting there in your room with nothing to keep the board from sliding out of the extender socket and nothing to protect the board while also allowing cooling.
I took enough measurements off of the board to create a 3d model of it that captures the design information needed to create an enclosure.
I also created a 3d printable enclosure that is "good enough".
I haven't posted it because "an artist's work is never done", but if I don't post what I have, I might never post it.
So please let me know if anyone is interested in a model of the card and enclosure. Note that the enclosure is specific to the dimensions of the extender I bought, so minor tweaks might be required if you have a different extender.
Here is a picture of the final result (yes I used tape for my prototype that I never developed further)
I designed it to be modular (see the joiners I left open in the picture, in case a part of the print fails or needs fixing) and also it does not require supports. (Shakes fist at designs that require supports!)
(I would appreciate advice on how to get the image to show up in this post, I don't do this a lot)
Here are the exact two products I bought from Amazon. No guarantees. At the time people were looking into extending the wire from the card to antenna, but my first try didn't work.
Beware, the part that you plug into your pci slot can, incredibly, be put in backwards and still fit. Also there is nothing keeping the extender in the slot.

I can't find an exact link that I followed for recommendations, but there are tons of hits here:
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[USA-IL][H]Super Micro Server w/10x4TB WD Reds, 6U GPU mining chassis, Lian Li PC-06s case, EVGA Supernova 1600w PSU, some free stuff[W] PayPal, Local Cash

ORIGINAL: Timestamps:

Qty Item Price
1 Supermicro SC846 Dual Xeon e5-2650v3 Custom Server w/10x 4TB Reds, 24x drive sleds $800 OBO Local Cash
1 0 Lian Li PC-06S includes screws and rubber HDD mounts, etc etc. Made a minor mod to the case to fit AIO at the top. $100 + shipping/packaging, local preferred
1 0 EVGA Supernova 1600 G2 PayPal $200 shipped OBO
1 0 Pentium core i3-7100 w/cooler free + shipping
2 0 (cooler & box only) Ryzen 7 2700x free + shipping
1 6U GPU Bitcoin Mining Rig Server Case – w/6 Chassis fans w/dropdown backplate, 6x PCI-E 16x to 1x Risers & USB cables $100 + shipping/packaging, local preferred
1 Server in 10 bay Rosewill Chassis Local/Cash only
Supermicro SC846 Dual Xeon e5-2650v3 Custom Server
Everything is in Excellent Physical and Working Condition. Drives were powered on 24/7 from
Parts List Description
Supermicro SC846 Chassis (24 bay) Includes all 24 drive sleds
Supermicro PDB Upgraded Power distributor board for dual CPU
Supermicro 920w Super Quiet The regular PSU is too loud so upgraded
2x Intel Xeon e5-2650v3 Dual engineering samples 10c/20t each
2x Noctua NH-U9DXi4
4x 8GB Samsung DDR4-2133 REG ECC 32GB REG ECC Memory perfect for ZFS
3x LS 9211-8i Flashed to IT firmware
5x Noctua AF-A8 PWM Upgraded chassis fans to Noctuas
10 x WD 4TB Red (not shucked) Purchased 11-2014 from Newegg/Amazom
1x NvidiaGT 1030

EVGA Supernova 1600 G2
Standard cables:
Extra Cables:
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Will I have thermal issues if I put a graphics card .25 pcie slots in between cards

So I currently have a 2070 super that takes 2.75 pcie slots and I have one more pcie x16 slot 3 slots underneath my 2070 super. I wanted to get a 3 slot 3080 underneath it. I want to keep my 2070 super to mine bitcoin. My 2070 super is dual fan Asus. So yeah do you guys think I’ll have thermal problems with my 2070 super? It’s this model.
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Highest quality PC Build for Bitcoin Mining

I have a lot of parts lying about that I want to use for Bitcoin mining. What are your builds for MAXIMUM Btc Mining? I want to step up my usage of the GTX 1080Ti with the motherboard having 5 PCIe slots, but I'm limited with the best possible power supply.
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esxi: PCIe risers and passthrough

Hi there,
I'm running esxi on my home server and I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that there are more discrete PCIe devices (low-power GPUs, USB-cards, SATA-controllers) that I'd like to pass through to individual VMs than my mainboard can provide PCIe slots for.
How would esxi handle PCIe bifurcation or riser systems like this? Could I pass through all PCIe devices connected to these kinds of systems to individual VMs or could I only pass through the "original" slot on the motherboard? To clarify, I'm not worried about bandwidth here since I'm neither using high-power GPUs nor 10Gbit ethernet adapters nor NVMe-storage, so I'd be fine with having 16 PCIe x1 slots instead of one PCIe x16 slot.
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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining explained - YouTube Bitcoin Mining Risks and the truth behind investing in ... PCIe Extender Cables For GPU Cryptocoin Mining How to Build a Crypto Mining Rig - YouTube Will mining on Pcie x16 1.1 - 2.0, hurt hashrate?

Rosewill RSV-L4000C - 4U Rackmount Server Case / Chassis for Bitcoin Mining Machine, Supports 6~8 Graphic Cards. Motherboard Compatibility: 12" x 9.6" ATX Dimensions (H x W x D): 7.00" x 16.80" x 25.00" Weight: 23.37 lbs. Package Contents: RSV-L4000C Server Case Keys Screws Other Accessories Model #: RSV-L4000C Item #: N82E16811147277 Return Policy: Standard Return Policy USB Bitcoin mining was only profitable when Bitcoin was in its early years. If you just want bitcoins then invest in serious mining hardware or just buy bitcoins. Halong Mining. The world of crypto was in disbelief when Halong Mining, a new ASIC startup, announced their brand new Dragonmint T16. Halong claimed it to be the most powerful – and ... The PCIe risers are essential for the bitcoin and litecoin mining as they offer several benefits to miners. First, it allows miners to connect additional graphics cards to the mining rig or your PC. With PCIe riser, you can connect your GPU with 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x PCIe slots. Bitcoin mining is the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin’s public ledger of past transactions or blockchain. This ledger of past transactions is called the block chain as it is a chain of blocks. The block chain serves to confirm transactions to the rest of the network as having taken place. This device can only mine using Bitcoin script, meaning you are competing with mining pools that have much larger setups. If you are serious about making money mining Bitcoin, you cannot afford to have a miner doing under 2 TH/s. That’s why the Bitmain Antrouter R1 is perfect for those that are a bit more serious about their mining.

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining explained - YouTube

Bitcoin and Altcoins 90,417 views. ... 7 GPU Crypto Mining Rig With M.2 PCIe Slot Adapter - Duration: 3:26. Son of a Tech 41,598 views. 3:26. Language: English Location: United States Need PCIE Mining Risers? Match Those Risers with this GPU? Red Panda Mining NEW Merch! ... Electrical demonstration of 800 kW Bitcoin mining facility ... I personally wanted to find out what would happen, but so many covert a Pcie x1 to x16. So I knew the end result, but still wanted to test would would happen. Many have said online that Mining on ... SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE HOW MUCH - Nviddia GTX 1080 Ti - 6X GPU Mining Rig Case - I explain a little about PCI Express extender (riser) cables. What the cables are good for and how to use them in your mining setup. Hardware I'm using in this video PCIe Extender cable 1x to 16x ...